Access and Outreach

Welcome to the OUAC Access and Outreach page!


Here at OUAC we work hard to be accessible to students from all backgrounds. We take diversity and inclusion seriously, and welcome everyone to our club. Our access and outreach officer, Anika, is always looking for ways to elevate the club environment, so just feel free to get in touch with any ideas, comments or concerns at


It is very important at Oxford in general, to ensure we are reaching out to the local community and beyond. At OUAC we want to help Oxford become more accessible to students of all backgrounds, so that anyone can enjoy OUAC. In November 2023, we will be holding our first ever athlete taster day, were students across the country will have the opportunity to come to Oxford, and find out about life as an Oxford student-athlete. As well as this, we often attend English schools and other events, to connect with students across the country. You can also find our social media channels, were we share an insight into student-athlete life, often featuring 'day-in-the-life's on our stories.


Find out more about our athlete taster day by clicking on the link below! 


Athlete Taster Day