Senior Committee

Life Vice President

Life Vice-Presidents are elected at a General Meeting and will have made a major contribution to the Club over a period of at least ten years in an administrative or coaching capacity. Being elected as a Life Vice-President is a great honour and they shall receive newsletters, invitations to Varsity Matches, and may attend Annual General Meetings but may not vote.

Lesley Bryant

Lesley has been involved with the Club for many years as an athlete, teacher, technical advisor and soft tissue therapist. She has a huge amount of throwing experience and pedigree.

As an ex-international discus thrower she held the English record and was National Champion in 1980 after winning the AAA Championship in the discus throwing 55.42m!

Lesley was Athletics GB Team Manager at the Sydney and Athens Olympics as well as a competitor at four World Championships, two European Championships and a Commonwealth Games.

Lesley started working with OUAC in 2007 as a Soft Tissue Therapist and as a throws coach in 2013. Her passion and dedication have had a big impact on our throws squad who have been crucial in many Varsity victories. As well as honing the skills of our experienced throwers, she always has time for beginners, bringing athletes through the ranks to compete in our Seconds and even Blues teams.

Lesley left OUAC in 2023 after 17 years. As recognition to her long-term service to the Club and many athletes in Oxford she was voted in as a Life Vice-President, an immense honour. Lesley continues to provide advice to our athletes and the Club and will always be welcome at OUAC.

Thank you Lesley for your service!

Senior Member

The Senior Member is appointed by the Executive Committees of OUAC and OUCCC, in consultation with the Trustees. The Senior Member is a member of Congregation and will provide adequate advice and assistance to the Clubs, be the Senior Treasurer of all account or appoint a Senior Treasurer and represent or speak for the Club before the University authorities. 

Chris Martin