Freshers 2023

Freshers 2023

Are you joining Oxford this October? We can't wait to meet you! Please get in touch by filling out this form so that we can get everything prepared for you this year. 


Our captains would also LOVE to hear from you! Send a message to Charlotte or Will by emailing or Just let them know what event you do and any questions you might have before the start of the year, and they'll get right back to you. 


Fresher's Fair 2023

Find us at Fresher's Fair, in the Exam Schools, from 9am-5pm on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th October. Your college will arrange a time for all the freshers in your year group to come along, so come and find us in the sports section! We are very excited to meet lots of you, whether a seasoned athlete or complete beginner, and we can send you in the right direction training-wise. We will also tell you all about the socials we have planned for this term, as everyone comes back together after a long summer!


Fresher's Guide 2023

Take a look at our fresher's guide - it is your guide to life as a student-athlete at Oxford, and your cheat-sheet to all things athletics. Our committee and especially vice-captains have been working very hard over the summer to bring this to you, and we can't wait to share it with you all:



See our page on training times to find out when you'll be down at the track. We will also have taster sessions at the start of term where you can try out different events or get a taste for what training will be like. Check back on our website or social media channels to find out more about this.